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Luffa Personal Care Pack
Luffa Personal Care Pack
Luffa Personal Care Pack
Luffa Personal Care Pack

Luffa Personal Care Pack

Farm in the Wildwood
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It was Farm in the Wildwood's first year growing luffa and what a fun time we had! The internal fibers of this plant in the cucumber/squash family are blow-your-mind strong and absolutely brilliant for kitchen and bath use. Luxurious and exfoliating in the bath or shower, just the right perch to dry out your bar soap, and perfect on scrubbing pots and cleaning dishes.

The luffa is a sturdy, reusable and eco-friendly replacement for many conventional cleaning materials like sponges and washcloths. Whether you choose them for an enjoyable spa experience or practical household use, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Shower Luffa: approximately 5-6" long
Soap Stand: approximately 1" wide and 3" long
Small Scrubbers: varies. approximately 1-2" wide and 3" long

Personal Care Pack includes 2 shower luffa, 2 soap stand, 2 small scrubbers

Care for your luffa: Please note this is a natural product, so you will see variations and sizes and coloring. If you see something inside, it is almost certainly a seed, that despite our best efforts, insisted on coming along for the ride.
Hang to dry after use. Disinfect as you would with any other cleaning material when necessary. You can place your luffa in the dishwasher or washing machine as needed. Useful for up to 8 weeks if given proper care.

Grown with love by Farm in the Wildwood