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Here a few common questions we have!


1. When will the website be updated? 

Answer: We will update the website by Friday’s at noon! 


2. When do I need to order by? 

Please have your orders in by NOON on Monday’s. 


3. Why a $25 minimum? 

Answer: This helps us, as a small farm, be able to cover all the costs of bringing these delicious veggies to YOU. It also helps us cover all the costs of picking up other veggies from other local farmers! 


4. WHERE do you deliver?

Answer: The Upstate of South Carolina. Limited to the following counties. All of Greenville County. All of Laurens County. All of Abbeville County. All of Greenwood County. All of McCormick County as well as Easley, Pickens, and  Piedmont. If you ave more specific questions please email us at 


5. Do you SHIP? 

Answer: We do not ship fresh veggies.

Only drygoods.

Coffee, salts and handmade items. They will all have a shipping options and do not have a minimum order to be shipped. 


6. WHAT day’s do you deliver?

Answer: Tuesday’s are Greenville County as well as Marietta, Liberty, Easley and Piedmont.

Thursday’s are Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens and McCormick Counties. 

Subject to change. We are working on drop off locations around the Upstate for extra convenience. 


7. WHEN (time) do you deliver? 

Answer: We will try to accommodate you! Please leave as much info in the “notes” box when checking out! 


8. What if I can’t be there? 

Answer: Leave out a cooler with an ice pack. 


9. Do you have other drop off locations?

Answer: We are looking at options. Especially for locations outside of our delivery route.


10.  How do you and the other small farms we support grow these veggies?

Answer: We use organic and permaculture practices while using the most sustainable methods possible. We do not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.


11. Are you certified organic?  

Answer: Not at this time. This is a very long process that we are currently working towards. We hope to be with in the next few years. We are working on being Certified naturally grown as well. More to come on this! 

 12. What if I’m not happy with my order? 

Answer: If you are not completely satisfied with the services provided, you can contact us as soon as possible and we will issue you a full refund for a weekly delivery or a prorated amount of your original CSA purchase.