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Golden Forest GROCERY Bag

Golden Forest GROCERY Bag

Golden Forest Grocery
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Grocery bag made up of items to help create meals for your family.

Some items with be from our farm and some items will be locally sourced. I will be very clear on these so that you know. 

This weeks bag is focused around a particular recipe but the contents will make several meals. Including soups, salads, snacks and sides.  


Bag contents:

- 1lb Lg Tomatoes  

- Pint of Cherry tomatoes 

- Kale Bunch 

- Carrots 

- Yellow Squash

- Zucchini 

- Pac Choy 

- 1lb White Rice

- 1lb Kidney Beans

- 4) apples 

- 4) oranges 

- one lemon 


Loaf of Bread