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Why You Should Eat Local And Fresh

Howdy folks, 

It’s been a while. We’ve been a little busy and blogging takes time... Lol 

Kudo’s to all those professional bloggers out there! I don’t prefer to sit and type... That has never really been my favorite thing to do. 

This blog, we hope, will help you see why we eat as much locally as possible and encourage you to do the same! 

We finally hit a break in the heat and we got to planting. We’ve planted thousands of starts and tens of thousands of seeds to bring you some of the most nutrient-dense food to you! 

Everything from lettuce to cabbages, basil, onions, leeks, arugula, radishes, chard, kale, broccoli and so many more things coming!! 

Being educated about what you eat, we believe, is so important. Did you know that veggies lose 30% of their nutritional content with in the first 72 hours of being picked? Golden Forest Farm, as well as all our partnering farms typically pick the veggies we bring you either the day of delivery or the day before. 

Did you know that a lot of the veggies you see in grocery stores sit in warehouse coolers for weeks before they are even put on the shelves to buy?

Just so you know...

Unlike the "veggie boxes" or "misfit produce boxes", that one sees from companies as sponsored ads, conveniently in their Facebook feeds, OUR produce is grown and harvested FRESH by US, typically the day before delivery, unlike the two week windows that these "veggie box deliveries" from some warehouse out in Philly or located in some other part of the US offers.  Even the other local farms that we offer select items from in our Farm Fresh Veggie Bags, harvest within that same week of delivery (often times even the day before as well).  This translates to much higher nutrient densities of the veggies, which also thus translates to far more flavorful veggies.

We get it though, it's really convenient to just order a box from a website and have it delivered to your work or home.  Which is why we started delivering to your work or home earlier this year, and even set up a website for you to order from! 

Difference is, and it's a really HUGE difference is we are ALSO the farmers that are growing most of which is offered in our OWN veggie bags.  Our produce is FRESHER and thus more NUTRIENT DENSE because it's harvested typically the day before delivery, while the veggies at a "produce aggregating company" has been sitting in their warehouse coolers for a week or two, and often times more, before even being shipped out...  

However, you the customer are led to believe, once again, that your veggies are "fresher", much like the big grocery store chains have been telling you for decades now.  But, not only do these "produce box corporations" deliver to your work or home, they also entice you with "window dressing" their facebook pages and websites with "farmy pictures" and/or sliced-up veggies.  It's a marketing strategy aimed at a mass audience, across 50 states, and it's done in a way that makes you think you're buying produce fresh directly from the farmer's hands.  Or atleast from someone sourcing directly from local farms.

But is that the case? Are any of these "local organic farms" represented?  How do those farms differ from the big corporate organic farms that are selling to your big grocery store chains?  And how do those farms differ from the small local family farms in your area?  Do they really try and grow the most nutrient dense veggies possible because they are feeding their own families as well with the things that they grow?  Do they even live in the same state as the produce aggregating corporation?  

At the end of the day, the differences become crystal clear to the informed customer.  One produce delivery company is just an aggregating company that employs dozens of people to fill boxes all day, with produce not any different than what can be found at your local grocery stores.  And the other produce delivery company is farmer-owned, selling much of their own grown produce, as well as sourcing from other local small family farms that share likeminded growing practices, like organically grown, naturally grown, beyond organic, but never "corporate-style organics".  This ENSURES the highest level of freshness, the highest level of nutrients, and thus, the highest level of flavor!  There is no other way to get fresher, better tasting produce!  Unless, you grow it yourself...😉


We want to thank our loyal customers for supporting our farm and all of our friends' farms that we try to highlight every week with OUR OWN veggie delivery service (with veggies literally growing right outside our door at this very moment). We also want to thank those that might not be able to directly support us by buying but also by your encouragement. Your likes and shares. Some of you aren’t even local and you support us! It is because of you, that we still even offer this delivery service of our Farm Fresh Farm Bags.  It certainly would be far easier for us to just sell at farmers markets, a few locally-owned food coops, and to a few chefs exclusively than to do what all we do with our delivery service...  We literally are the growers, the packers, the aggregators, the pick up company from other farms, the marketers, AND the delivery company, all rolled into one... Yet, we are only two people, although our two children also like to help some too! :)


But, we also want to say "you're welcome" lol...  You're welcome for us planting by headlamp at night... You're welcome for us making sure your food is grown with the highest concentration of minerals and associated nutrients. You're welcome for us planting 18,000 onions by hand in the freezing cold of January, with numb fingers from the cold muddy soil, well into the dark, by headlamp once again...

This is one of the eight boxes of onions we planted.... 

You're welcome for harvesting long hours and packaging everything well past midnight on Wednesdays so WE can deliver It as fresh as possble the very next day. You're welcome for us driving out to the other local farms and picking up your orders from them right before delivering to you.  You're welcome for helping to increase your health and vitality through the power of ultrafresh, nutrient dense, organically grown food, as well as maybe helping you to be the hit at your dinner party by providing food that tastes like how food use to taste! 

But seriously, thank you for supporting us and your other LOCAL small family farms.  We will continue to deliver our Farm Fresh Veggie Bags, as long as you the customer demands something fresher, and far more healthier, than what can be found inside of some box, from some other state.

Support local when possible...

Nothing strengthens FOOD SECURITY in an area more than supporting our many small local family farms, especially all of those ones that are passionate about growing clean, pesticide free and synthetic fertilizer free food! Trucked-in produce is no match for the nutrient density of locally grown foods. There's just no comparison!!! Healthy food, healthy people, healthy planet... It ALL starts with the farmer and the food system, when you really sit down and think about it... And a healthier way to eat, and live, as an individual, a family, a community, a society, and so on...

I challenge EVERYONE to eat mostly what you can either grow yourself, and/or buy from local farms growing clean healthy food. Visit the farmers markets! Buy from the local growers/ farmers that are selling there (NOT the resellers at some of the markets that allow that nonsense, aka. "Pinhookers" <lol>)... Join MULTIPLE CSAs DIRECTLY FROM THE FARMERS, and challenge yourself to see how little you can spend on the trucked-in grocery store foods.

You'll get fresher, more nutrient dense food, you'll feel better, be healthier, and you will play a HUGE role in helping to propel the local economy to even greater heights, all while helping to create a better world for all of our children to grow up in; and a better, more secure, "antifragile" localized food system right here in the Upstate! Which is great for many reasons, but especially great because you never know when you may have to depend on the local food scene for one reason or another (national produce recalls, etc...)


For these reasons,


Thank you all that have supported our small family farm and our many other small family farms, that are trying to produce more local, clean, nutrient dense and organically-grown foods right here in Upstate South Carolina!

I hope this showed you a little more about why we do what we do and how important, on so many levels, it is to support your local farmers! 

Thank you again for your continued  support!                                                         Until next time... 

Chuck, Monica, Charlie and Jaden